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1975 Bridgeport Milling Machine

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Hey All,

Here is our Bridgeport Mill, as the title says, and we brought her home to the shop on 9-4-2013. This was an inside track hookup from a friend of ours because he was doing an internship at GE aviation locally and told us they were going to scrap some machines. Among those were 2 Bridgeports and we piped up and asked if we could get one. It worked out that we got this for a song and it was just a few miles from home. It turns out it was in really good condition, no rust, but needed a little love.

5-25-2020 The mill was very usable when we got it, but the digital readout that came with it only worked in one axis. So we updated the starter and just used it for 7 years until now. We are rearranging the shop a little and decided to move some metal working stuff up to the mezzanine including this one. Before doing that we had to get her painted and fixed up with a new DRO and a few other accessories. So here are some disassembly shots;

5-26-2020 Masking and Prep, this old girl is ready for a new party dress;

5-26-2020 Here are some paint shots;

5-27-2020 Here are some unmasking/post paint shots;

5-28-2020 Next is the Digital Readout Upfit and oiler rebuild;

6-1-2020 We are updating with a new Digital Read Out; lot of tedius work,

06-1-2020 Vise work begins too;

06-16-2020 Sporadically we have been working on the mill as time permits. Here's some more pics;

6-17-2020 We have moved into phase 1 of the mezzanine remodel!

11-25-2020 We (my son) are enjoying putting this into service more;

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