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Porter 30 Inch Wide #300 CM Jointer

Updated: Jan 2

Porter 30" #300 CM Jointer/Facer
Porter 30" #300 CM Jointer/Facer

12-2-2023 We got this machine in the same deal and delivery as the Oliver#361 planer, which is shown in a separate post. Here are some arrival pics;

So initial observation was previous owner has about 1/4" thick red grease on the tables. I think Smitty covered it with a blue tarp to protect his straps, that tarp was nasty and couldn't get it in the dumpster fast enough. You can see I set it in the driveway until I had a chance to do an initial grease scraping, before bringing it in the shop.

So couple things I learned right away is this is a facer; the biggest difference is it never had a fence mounted on it and the infeed adjustment wheel is under the infeed table instead of on the back like a jointer. This also never had a starter or push button mounted on it, I guess all the electricals would have been on the feed works that the previous owner unfortunately scrapped. On the badge the stamped model # is 300 CM, but the C is backwards. New guy at factory or secret code? The cutter head spins very freely, that's a good sign and the knives look like they are full height; there has not been many grindings. I also started really liking this machine and can't wait to fire it off for the first time! So I cleaned the first half of the table and started working on the electrical. Super cool motor badges! Don't see that Delta diagram very often!

I was very surprised the Porter is/was wired for 240 volts, I thought for sure it would be wired for 480. Since there was no other electrical I had to open the pecker head to determine voltage. It is 240 volts delta wound, 240 is better for me anyway. So I already had the size 2 starter and correct heaters but had to shop for a 240 coil for it. Got lucky and had the #8 SO wire in the shop, they don't give that away. I also found, in my stash, a really cool old push button switch with a cast box and cover called the Monitor.

Now that the electrical is half done my ADHD kicked in and I wanted to remove the front bearing cap. I can see that there was probably an oil cup that is broken off. That's a big and expensive Fafnir bearing. Doesn't look bad for being in storage for so long. It really reeked of gear lube, but I am putting Mobile Vactra back in it.

12-30-2023 Progress is slow, I am mostly working a little here and there after supper and have a lot of different projects going right now.

Happy New Year everybody!!!

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