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1990 Oliver #287 Shaper from Boeing.

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Oliver 1990 Model #287 Spindle Shaper 7.5 HP

6/6/2023 Hey All, We got this shaper in a more usual way than most. I happened to see this on fleabay because it was mislisted as an Oliver sander. I don't know why (since we have 6 Oliver shapers and a Martin) but I bid $157. The winning bid, you guessed it, $157! I was surprised that it went so cheap and then I started with the juicy rationalizations. I thought to myself even if I get a couple of parts off it I'll be money ahead, right? Here's the auction pics;

7/5/2023 The shaper arrived at my shop today! Here's the arrival shots;

First let me report that Bidadoo charged me $150 for a pallet and informed me that the trucker cannot pick up until it is palletized. Check out the pallet, what a rip!

Here's the body shots;

Here's the detail shots;

So my initial assessment is a mixed bag. The downers are the 1" router collet is not very useful in my world, the blue paint is not my fav, the machine probably tipped over during shipment because that giant electrical box is all knocked loose, most likely because of that $150 pallet. And the table is swiss cheese. The upside is its an Oliver, don't see these every day. It has 2 table rings and a 7 1/2 HP motor and I have a 1/2" router collet that will fit this. And the table is swiss cheese already so I can mount all manor of crazy jigs to it with no shame, haha.

The shaper seemed to be dry on oil, probably from getting tipped over.

Mobilegear Velocite Oil for Over 4000 RPM

8-26-2023 Before I forget to say this, I did get a pallet refund from Bidadoo by showing the photos above. That was nice.

The shaper's motor is so big it barely fits into the base casting. Because of this it's really hard to get my phone in there to get a shot of the badge. Very cool badge that has replacement bearings listed right on it. Very nice inverter duty motor.

Oliver Shaper 7.5 HP Motor Badge

More to come, thanks for looking! Enjoy Your Project!

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