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Holz 6 Wheel Power Feeder

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Hey, we picked this feeder up in Chicagoland a long time ago in 2009. That was a crazy trip and I did not realize that one of the arm knuckles had a crack in it, until we got back home. We were still able to use the feeder the way it was, and I liked it a lot. But I did always want to do a repair on it someday, and someday finally arrived.

Since this one lives on one of our Oliver #288 shapers, I wanted to paint the feeder at the same time as the repair. I forgot to take a pic of the actual repair but a buddy of ours named Aubrey is really good at fixing cast with a nickel rod, and it came out well.

So now on to painting the feeder, let the real work begin. Disassembly, I actually found an old repair on one collar that I didn't know was there.

Little bit of painting;

Finishing up! This is a great vintage feeder and I would like to have a few more of these! Oliver made 2 sizes of these double shapers, the spindles are 24" on center or 30" on center. This machine is the larger one, We use this shaper mostly for cabinet door edges because of that great big table is nice for big panels, and the 6 roll feeder is a nice accessory for big panels too.

Thanks for Looking!

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