• Chuck Hess

Holz 6 Wheel Power Feeder

Hey, we picked this feeder up in Chicagoland a long time ago in 2009. That was a crazy trip and I did not realize that one of the arm knuckles had a crack in it, until we got back home. We were still able to use the feeder the way it was, and I liked it a lot. But I did always want to do a repair on it someday, and someday finally arrived.

Since this one lives on one of our Oliver #288 shapers, I wanted to paint the feeder at the same time as the repair. I forgot to take a pic of the actual repair but a buddy of ours is good at fixing cast with a nickle rod, and it came out well.

So now on to painting the feeder, let the real work begin. Disassembly, I actually found an old repair on one collar that I didn't know was there.


Finishing up! This is a great vintage feeder and I would like to have a few more of these!

Thanks for Looking!


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