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1937 Oliver #191 Table Saw Restoration

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Hey all,

We found this little guy on fleabay and it was up in MI. I have actually bid on several of these over the years but this is the first time I've bagged one. Eric Tuck was the ruckering logitics agent and Chris Justice picked this and delivered to Arnfest 07 for me. Thanks to them and thanks to all those guys that helped to put it in the van. These are pretty heavy for a contractors saw @ 480 pounds according to the 1938 brochure. Like the one guy said, they must have made some burly contractors back then to schelp this around from job to job.

Looks like it started life with black paint and then had one, now very cracked, coat of gray. Also probably originally had a flat belt but has been converted to a v belt and the motor is non-original. They call this a "double face ripping fence" which is also original but the miter gauge is a Delta w/ modified bar. Overall looks like there is no damage to the important stuff and I will be doing a restoration and putting her back into service. Nice winter project! Here are the before Pics;

My boys and I did a complete disassembly and "frame off" restoration. Here are the disassembly pics;

Here are some reassembly pics;

Here is the way she is now:

Aint She a beauty? This machine has gone on to a new home. It was a pleasure to own and restore!

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