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Oliver # 217 Band Saw Fence

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Oliver 30" Model #217 Band Saw W/Custom Fence and Trendy Table Extension.

12-14-2019 This is a fun little story but first let me say that I have wanted to do a better fence for our band saw for a long, long time. We have the old style 1 piece cast fence that screws down to the table but I never really liked those much. So about 2 years ago I saw this fence on fleabay and I thought it was super cool. I am not sure it was a bandsaw fence because of the tilting feature, but I could tell it was about the right size for a 30" band saw. A seller had it in their store and I would look at it and I usually decided it was too expensive. I must have watched it for over a year and then it was gone. I was really regretting not acting on it and decided to get in touch with the seller, through one of their other auctions, to see if I could find its whereabouts. The seller still had it and offered to put it back up for me. It was the classic "take away close" and I bought it for myself for Christmas! Arrival pics;

2-21-2020 It was the perfect size all right! It looks like a miniature patternmaker's table saw fence. Judging by the font of the numerals on the scale it is around the 1920 s in age. I also wanted to extend the table just a bit, just for general purposes. I was not sure how I was going to do that. This took a while to get rolling and it wasn't until February that this made it to the restoration bench we call "Fab 2".

2-24-2020 I didn't take many photos of this stage but it was a fun and fast restoration. Those little hinges have the Stanley "sweet heart" logo stamped in them.

6-19-2020 In the mean time I saw a live edge stick of walnut in the shop that I started to like a lot and that became the table extension. Our woodworking buddy Chester called us "trendy" for that. Hey I was just using what we have, right? So now comes the fence rail and the design I wanted was a little beyond our attention span at the time so I drew it and took it to one of our machinist friends named John. John trades work with us and won't ever take money for what he does, which is cool, but the bad part is he does the paying gigs first, naturally. So now fast forward to the middle of June and the rail was done;

I am not going to lie, I really love this fence! It mostly gets used for small pieces like knife scales and such. It's quick and easy to take off the saw and quick and easy to put back on! Big shout out to John for getting the rail done. Thanks yall!

Oliver 30" #217 Band Saw W/Custom Patternmaker's Fence!

Thanks for looking! Enjoy your Projects!

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