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Martin Shaper Fence

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Martin Shaper Fence W/Titling Outfeed

Hey Yall, Scored this shaper fence at an online auction, in Syracuse NY, a while back. All my plans of getting this moved, from NY to NC, fell through, like usual. Here are the auction pics.

I wasn't sure who was the manufacturer of the fence; the tilting out feed fence kind of threw me, because I had not seen one of those before. I sure did not want to drive up to Syracuse during Covid 19, a 12 hour drive one way. I got super lucky and found a friend that was going through there on a machinery trip and he offered to pick this up and bring it back to North Carolina! Here is the pic he sent me of the fence on his trailer.

July 29, 2020. So my buddy wound up bringing this right to my shop, the ultimate in convenience!!! This is as it landed on our bench we call "Fab 3"

So after getting a good look at it I suspected it was a Martin. We do have a Martin Shaper in the shop, but ours does not have the tilting fence feature. So I texted a Martin fanatic that I know and he confirmed it and told me that was listed as an upgrade in the manual. So I got out my Martin manual and sure enough there was picture of one just like this. So what a blessing to score a Martin fence at auction! I like it and now the fun begins; July 31, 2020.

August 3, 2020

August 5,2020

August 11, 2020. Paint;

Now the really fun part; reassembly August 17,2020

August 20, 2020 almost there; Its new home is a 1940 Oliver model #287 shaper that was originally sold to Steerman Aircraft. The were producing pilot trainers in the war. I wanted this shaper to get a nice fence and I am thrilled that it wound up being a Martin!

August 23, 2020 Well the fence is done, except for the dust collection chute. During the restoration process I have been amazed at the amount of machining that I see in this piece! Everything is cast iron and super heavy duty. I haven't done any woodwork with it yet but it is already my favorite shaper fence! The other Martin fence we have, has less castings and more steel in it, it must be a newer vintage than this one.

9-25-2020 Well its time to earn its keep! I have to make make a curved molding for a range hood, and the 1940 Oliver #287 shaper with the new Martin fence gets the call. Notice the push block. Little nerve racking first time through because my whole crew was watching me run this piece! With the push block my hand was well away from the cutter, but my knuckles touched the top of the spindle and scared me into next week!!! Anyway, success!

11-2-2020 Here is the finished product;

Custom Range Hood W/Curved Molding!
Custom Range Hood W/Curved Molding!

Thanks for looking!

Enjoy Your Projects!!!

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